How can I do if my credit/ debit card getting declined?

When the payment is not processed successfully, there are usually a few kinds of reason.

Kindly check a few points as followed;

  1. Check whether you are processing this payment through a proxy or VPN. If so, please turn off the proxy and VPN. If still does not work, please avoid using wi-fi while accessing the payment page. Please use cellular data instead.

  2. Check whether the digits entered are correct. Both card number and CVV number are at the back of your card. Also check whether the expiry date entered is correct.

  3. If your card has not been used to purchase goods or services online in a foreign country before, please contact your bank to authorize foreign (online) transaction.

  4. Your card might have reached the maximum credit line. Please contact your bank for credit line increase or switch to another card. If needed, please re-enter your credit card info once your bank authorizes the prohibitive conditions.

  5. You may also complete the alternative payment method through PayPal which is not required a PayPal account.

  6. If you’ve tried our suggestions all above and it still does not work, please contact us at
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