What should I do if the local expert cancel my paid booking?

This circumstance is unlikely to happen. But in case your local expert has to cancel a paid booking, it is likely that it is caused by an illness, an accident, or other unpredictable incidents.  


What you can do if your paid booking is cancelled: 

1. Replace with a new tour : our staff can help you find a similar itinerary or of the same value for you to go on. If the tour is less expensive than your original tour, you'll be entitled for a refund of the cost differences (please see remark). 


2. Request for a refund : We're happy to refund you the full amount including TakeMeTour's booking fee. You can decide to receive the refund through your credit card OR through TakeMeTour cash credit (please see remark).



You have 2 options regarding the refund.

  • Receive your refund onto your credit card (including booking fee). This takes 7-15 business days to process.
  • Receive your refund in form of TakeMeTour cash credit PLUS 10% special bonus credit. This takes 1-3 business days to process.

ex.      Your original tour's price : 4,000 THB

          Your new tour's price      : 2,500 THB

          Cost differences            : 1,500 THB 

         10% Special credit         : 150 THB 

         TOTAL REFUND            : 1,650 THB




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