How do I book a trip?


Browse trips by choosing provinces/ cities you are visiting or activities you want to do through inspirations shown on the homepage. (After you've select a city) At a search result page, you can filter down the results by price, number of guests, and trip activities to suit your interests.



  1. Read the details of trips you like and learn about the programs of the tour, the price conditions, and the available dates.
  2. Send a message to the local expert for further inquiries about the tour.
  3. You may also make a 'Book now' or a 'Request to book' while waiting for the local expert's responses. (At this point, you need to log in/ register to proceed)



After chatting with the local expert and he/she approves the trip, what next?

When you decide to purchase the trip

**The transaction will be made ONLY when you have already completed you billing information and the local expert has confirmed the tour date.

  1. Fill in the billing information and complete the booking payment

Any purchase of the tour must be completed within 72 hours, after the local expert has confirmed the trip through your inbox. Late purchase of the trip will result to your re-doing the whole process again.

Once everything is ready to go. Don't forget to confirm your meeting point with your local expert and enjoy!

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