Before the trip date

Although the most exciting part of TakeMeTour is obviously taking the tour (Of course, it is!). We believe that no TakeMeTour trip will give exactly the same experience to you. We hope you find your trip challenging and fun, as if you are hanging out with your old pals, and so does the travelers. There are some tips you might need to know, before the trip date.


General tips

1) No one likes getting lost; assure your traveler are well-informed about the meeting point and time. On the trip day, be there in advance just to make sure that every is good to go and right on track.

2) Your first impression is the key; it’s important to recognize your traveler(s). You don’t have to dress to impress or be over-friendly. Just be yourself and break the ice (with a refreshing drinks, for example).

3) Stick to your itinerary; even if your plan is flexible it is a good thing to take your travelers to whichever place you have written and agreed upon your itinerary since that is surely will be your traveler’s expectation.

4) Don’t forget to ask your traveler about your booking verification code, otherwise, your payment transaction might be delayed.

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