How to transfer my earnings to my bank account?

You can see your available balance from all of the completed trips in Your Wallet menu. To transfer it to your bank account, you have 2 options: 


1. Auto Transfer 


This is the fastest option to receive your earnings. Select this option if you want the system to automatically transfer your Wallet Balance to your bank account. The transfer will be made on the closest Tuesdays and Fridays



2. Manual Transfer


Select this option if you want the system to transfer the wallet balance upon your request. You can make a request by pressing "Transfer" button. The Wallet Balance will be moved to Requested Balance. To receive by Tuesday, your request must be made by Monday midnight. To receive on Friday, your request must be made by Thursday midnight. You may select this option if you want to collect a larger amount to save some transfer fee. 


Transfer Fee: 30 THB for Kasikorn Bank and 50 THB for Other Banks. 



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