I haven't received my money. Why?

Please note that from 8 May 2017, your earnings from a completed trip will be released to Your Wallet when we can verify a successful trip (read here how we verify a successful trip). 


There are a few reasons why you have not seen the balance of your earnings in Your Wallet menu yet: 


1. You have not submitted the proof of a successful trip i.e. 

  • A selfie / groupfie of yourself together with your guest. 
  • A reservation code (provided by your guest).

To submit it, please go to the booking in Booking Management or Your Bookings menu.


2. The earnings is on hold for a revision. This might mean that we receive a refund request from your guest or a payment deny from a bank. Please rest assured that we are treating everyone fairly and with accountability. 

As a result, a proof of a successful trip is very important when there is a dispute or an unfair refund claim. We can then provide the proof to the authority to secure the fund for you. 


3. You have a possibility to transfer your earnings from Your Wallet to your bank account as often as you'd like. The Wallet Balance will be wired to your bank account on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you choose to manually transfer your Wallet Balance, you have to click "transfer" before Monday midnight to receive it by Tuesday, and before Thursday midnight to receive it by Friday.



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